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Is Your Website HTTPS Secure?

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Industry News   •   March 5, 2018

Come July, Google is going to get all red on unsecured website; i.e. websites that are not https. Visitors to your site might be greeted with an unpleasant warning that your site is not secure and that they would be proceeding at their own risk.

Bad, Worse, Worst

While this is bad enough, worse lurks beneath this loss of face and bash-in of trust. Far worse. Because your SEO rankings will take the brunt of the bashing and slip down drastically. The worst part is that most people use the Google Chrome browser these days, and if your website is not https by July 2018, they will be alarmed at seeing an embarrassingly red warning page that tells them that they are now entering website that is NOT SECURE.

Irreversible losses

If these capital letters in bold alarmed you, imagine the alarm of those who will be warned that your website is not secure, in a bright red page that literally spells danger. Their most obvious reaction will be to ignore, skip or close out your website and look elsewhere, and probably go to your competitor. A prospective client lost once is an opportunity lost forever.

Rapidly slipping rankings

What may have taken you months and millions to push up your website’s SEO ranking to its current height, could all come sliding down like an avalanche in torrential rain, when July and Google flood the net with warning signals because your site is not https.

Seeing is believing

Viewers believe what they see. When the showman is Google, the belief gets stronger many times over. The area showing your website’s name, that tiny strip called an omnibox, will show your website to be “Not secure.” That alone will drive many away from your website, even before they have gotten past the first landing page.


Google’s announcement provided an example of how the “omnibox” address bar security warning will appear.

Help is at hand

However, there is a beacon of hope in all this bleak darkness. If you can upgrade your website in time with an SSL certificate from a competent authority, and thereby make your site an https website, you will continue to remain on the top of your game.

Be the winner that you are

Why risk your ranking? Why risk your business? Stay on top of the game. Stay ahead, in the lead.

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