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Pay per click (PPC), also called Cost Per Click or Google AdWords, is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites. In this model, you only pay Google when your ad is clicked.

A well planned and executed campaign will help your business reach out to the right audience and ensure you get the true benefits of your marketing expenditure.

Benefits of investing in PPC

  • Measurable

  • Decide who sees your ads

  • Get immediate results

  • It is non-intrusive

  • Ability to Monitor ROI

  • Ability to track Conversions

  • Can Start or Stop at any time

  • Pay only for your visitors

Our PPC Process

Keyword Research

Our PPC team will work closely with you to determine the important keywords that affect your business. In addition, our research team will identify keywords and then run through a series of automated tools and metrics to determine which of the keywords are likely to get customers clicking through to your website.

Account Setup

A good foundation is always important to build great things, our team will ensure a setup which works well for your overall marketing objectives.

Ad Creation

Getting your ad viewed and clicked by the right customer is valuable. We will create a variation of ads and monitor which one performs the best for you. Refinements are made as the campaign evolves and performance information is monitored by our team.

Landing Page Setup

A potential customer on your landing page through a PPC ad sends out positive signals to Google. Information shown now will determine a conversion to sale or a lost opportunity for your business.

Campaign Launch

Information is valuable and knowing when, where and what your customers are looking at is vitally important.

Monitoring Performance

Our experienced PPC team along with its various tools and industry metrics will closely monitor the campaign performance. Ensure it is on track, optimizing the PPC ads, keeping them working effectively for your business.


Reporting will provide valuable insights on the behaviour of your customers. It assists you in developing new marketing strategies. It also examines our performance and easily measures your ROI.

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Nicole Sharp

“My client required SEO for a website. Per internal company policy, we gained 5 proposals – Candor being one of them. We chose Candor as the preferred supplier due to their professionalism, ability to explain how SEO works in easy to understand phrases and provided a solution that was tailored to my client by taking the time to understand their particular needs. They are proactive with a level of support and responsiveness that is outstanding. I highly recommend Candor SEO services.“

Nicole Sharp, Director at External Marketing Consultancy FZE
Jospeh Dolphin Profile Picture

“Puneet was my counterpart, at client-end, leading the IBM Web Content Management implementation program. He was very structured in approach; and had a knack with numbers and people. He created a conducive environment for the implementation team to perform and deliver. His instructions were clear and practical. His oversight and drive saw the two projects, within the program, go productive.

Puneet brought to table his IT, Creative and Marketing skills; coupled with in-depth industry knowledge. This rare combination was the strength on which the program delivered value back to client.”

Joseph Dolphin, Associate Director at Capgemini
Raam Shankar Equitus Engineering CEO

“Candor’s professionalism, technical capability and the level of attention to detail with which they took care of our project is unparalleled. The website looks top notch and works well thanks to their technical and aesthetic input along with a timely execution. Three metrics that define a successful project are cost, quality and time. The team at Candor excelled at all three of these by being cost-effective, providing a high quality of work and delivering on time.”.

Malek Atassi Profile Picture

“We would like to thank Puneet and his team at Candor for the great job they have done on our website thewhy.com. Candor has demonstrated a great deal of professionalism and creativity towards our project. The deadline given by us was met with and ably supported by timely reports and feedback. The complexity of the project being dealt with was not felt at all. Since the handing of the project, their pro-activeness in ensuring the project is up and running effortlessly has to be commended. Their suggestions on how to make the site work better has generated a great deal of positive feedback from our customers and we’ll definitely be working with them on future projects.”

Malek Atassi, Brand Partner – Rain Creative
Mehmood Palla

“A small thank you may not be enough to acknowledge the tremendous amount of time and effort you have invested in our complex project through Candor. It is very difficult to measure services in our industry, especially when dealing with a complex project such as ours. But with your super efforts you not only made it feel seamless, but also worked towards achieving a timely quality delivery leaving us with a warm and satisfied feeling of receiving REAL value for our money. Your feedback has been concise, clear, to the point crisp with no over the top promises and only surprised us with deliverables time and over. Over all my sense of assurance comes from the fact that our project is in safe hands and will continue to be as long as it is with Candor. Thank you”.

Geetika Gupta

Candor was integral to improving our SEO rankings from the time they were commissioned to the project, not only did they focus on job at hand they also went beyond the call and helped improve the website from a development stand-point which helped us from a 360 degree point of view.

I was quite happy with their hard work and their approach and timely delivery of the project.

Geetika Gupta, Marketing Manager, Unique Maritime Group

“Worked with Puneet for over 3 years and I am thankful to him for his great contribution in developing the complete new online platform for our business – websites, micro-sites, social media, e-campaigns. He is a task oriented, professional and committed person with good creative mind.”

Arshad Hasan, Asst. General Manager - Kaizen & PDI Operations - Al-Futtaim Motors
Archie Campbell

This Letter serves to confirm that we have dealt with CANDOR FZE, on a number programs over the years and we are completely satisfied with their services and support. Mr Puneet Miglani and his team are thoroughly professional and go the extra mile to meet our challenging requirements on time. Candor FZE has been instrumental in our website design and other projects such as technical marketing videos. I can positively refer CANDOR FZE without any reservations to carry out such work which is within their company domain.

“In the short time we have worked with Candor, the SEO results we have exhibited has been nothing but outstanding. We had a very noticeable positive growth in organic traffic and rankings since they were brought on board. Candor is an extremely professional organization to deal with and we will certainly be Using their services on an ongoing basis, their team members are knowledgeable in their field and continue to demonstrate a high level of professional communication and support. Overall I have had a great experience working with Candor, and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get good quality SEO”.

Nawrus A. Nejaim, Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility – The Industrial Group

“Candor took over the technical development of my website. Their analysis was of great help. They were very responsive and were able to solve the technical issues in time. After working with different web companies in Dubai since 4 years, they have emerged as the most competent for me. Since then I am constantly using their services.”

Walid Hamdaoui, CEO – Lagora Invest – Stop In Dubai
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